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"I found myself alone, one more time, alone and with an idea. Not so much an idea as a date and the idea attached to that date. I was also longing for a goodbye, though I didn’t knew from whom or for what reason. To mitigate my loneliness then, I decided to bring back all the characters that had accompanied me in my last productions. The sole idea of gathering them all in a same space, and at the same time, appeared to me as a strange approximation to paradise. But there would be no perfect paradise without my beloved ones, my parents, mi brothers, my grandmother, some of my cousins, and my closest friends. From then onwards, all I had to do was to imagine them all as leading figures in the mass and to look for the elements (props and wardrobe) that were to be theirs. Dead in my theatrical past, alive in my memory and present now as part of a stage that’s reaching its end, though I could not rush to acknowledge its demise. We all know that life gives us surprises, not death."


Eloy Gonzalez, Ilha da Crôa - 2007

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