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Juan Pablo Rebella


He was born in 1974 in Montevideo. Directed, with Pablo Stoll, two of the most important films in Uruguayan cinematography: 25 Watts and Whisky. This, his second and last movie won the Goya Prize to the best Spanish spoken film and the Prize of the Cannes 2004 section Un Certain Regard, alongside with many other international prizes. His work is embedded with the melancholic Montevidean spirit. He is found dead in his home with a shot in the head, triggered by him, the 6th of January 2006. He was 32 years old.




Using the classical structure of the medical athenaeum, a psychologist, a film critic and a Rebella’s afficionate alongside with a moderator were gathered to expose, from their different views, an approach to the world of the Urugua- yan filmmaker. Scenes from his movies were screened and Rebella’s theorical material was read to finally open a space of debate amongst those who assisted the presentation.


Format: Atheaneum.

Dissertators: Diego Trerotola (film critic), Anabella Castro Avelleyra (fan) and Noemí Focsaner (Psychoanalist).

Idea: Nicolás Martínez Zemborain.

Moderator: Pablo Lapadula.

Dates: November, 2008. 

Place: El Excéntrico de la 18, Lerma 420, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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