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María Soledad Morales


Was born in Catamarca, the 12th September 1972, second daughter of a humble family of the Santa Rosa neighborhood, located on Valle Viejo. Nice, very timid and kind at the same time, she was beloved by her relatives, neighbors and friends. When she was 15 she secretly fell in love of a married man, who was ten years older than her. She was rejected and mistreated by him in the last stages of their relationship. In her desperation she followed him to the last consequences, encountering a violent death at the age of 17. The crime, full of veils and impunity, and that has now 20 years without being clarified, made a landmark across the country in form of a justice claim that silently made the feud that had reigned over that province even to the end of the twentieth century to fall. A victim that became martyr, with a mother that – together with Martha Pelloni – became a representative of the struggle and grief in Argentina.




The documentary material in video gathered in Catamarca on rough. Filmed on Mini VHS. With interviews to the mother, a friend and a woman who claims to have been communicating with María Soledad’s spirit for twenty years now. All entwined with the performer’s presentation, which details and gathers the story’s miss happens mixed with the investigation’s chronicle.



Format: Intermedial performance.

Performer: Sofia Brito

Testimony: Ada Morales, Estela Castillo and Elena Marilyn Varela.

Musicians: Julio Misael Herrera, Ana Ponce, Marcos Galliano and Alejandra Mikulan.

Director: Pablo Lapadula.

Dates: November and december, 2010. January and Augost, 2011.

Places: El excéntrico de la 18° and La Fábrica Teatro, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina;

Teatro del Sur, San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, Pcia. de Catamarca, Argentina; Asentamiento Cultural Pueblo Grande, Icho Cruz, Pcia. de Córdoba, Argentina; Cinéfilo Bar, Córdoba Capital, Pcia. de Córdoba, Argentina; La Ravalera, Barcelona, España.


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