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Alejandra and Fernanda
El Nombre es lo de Menos
Julián Quiroga

Ricardo Manuel Espinosa


Ricky jumped suddenly by the window of the fifth floor of a friend's flat in Avellaneda, when he was 36 years old, while playing Winning Eleven at the playstation and drinking refined alcohol with powdered juice. Guitarrist, songwriter and singer, and creator of an unique style in Buenos Aires. Known as the last punk, and considered to be a guide to the depressed young man generation of the 90's. Founder of the bands "Flema" and "Flemita", he produced more than fifteen records in ten years. 




A representative space of the mid-90’s Argentinean punk scene was recreated, with a band of young men with less than 21 years old that played songs from Ricky. A fan of Ricky’s work, in charge of the biographical facts and of interviewing two of the singer’s followers: one from Ricky’s time, another one that knew his work after he died. 


Format: Ready-Made.

Presenter: Julián Quiroga.

Fans: María Fernanda Olivera, Alejandra Lapadula.

Musicians: Cartucho Casanova and his band “El nombre es lo de menos”.

Realization: Patricia Taborda - Pablo Lapadula.

Dates: November 2nd, 2011. 20.30 hs.

Place: Casa de la Lectura, Lavalleja 924, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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