The agony of planet Earth is coming to an end.


A radiophonic piece that exposes the ungrateful balance that our planet receives counting with 4.65 billion years of life. A compendium of the purposes that led us as rational beings and members of the human species (with a few 6000 years on earth) to destroy all that is essential to our existence.


An imminent alert about capitalism's voracity, the non application of sustainability as a way of development and the accelerated and unnatural Earth's wear.


This piece was broadcasted live for a worldwide audience.


Format: Conference.

Speakers: Miel Bargman, Guillermo Berthold, Sofia Brito, Julieta Caputo, Francisco Darré Sesma, Daniela Fritd, Felicitas Mussi Tiscornia, Gonzalo Ramos (Spain), Mariana Salinas, Mohammed Thouhid Arabaksh Rafi (India), Jair Toledo and Valeria Turilli.

Presenters: Paloma Contreras and Pedro Merlo.

Special Guest: Nahuel Pérez Biscayart.

Live Streaming World Wide: Abrochen sus Cinturones (Radio), Pablo Lapadula (Photo).

Idea and Direction: Eloy González.

Dates: Friday 2nd, Saturday 3rd, November, 23.30 hs.

Place: El Excéntrico de la 18, Lerma 420, Buenos Aires, Argentina.