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Diana Spencer


Died in a car accident, that many thought as an attack, in Pont de l’Alma, Paris when she was 36 years old. Was mçember of an aristocratic family. When she was 20 years old, she wed the Prince of Wales, heir to the British crown, attracting great attention worldwide. His only two sons were born from this marriage, princes William and Harry. By the end of the 80’s she had promoted humanitarian assistance for people with AIDS, helped poor children from Africa, and was beside of such people as Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, and Mother Theresa of Calcutta. She officialises his divorce in the mid 90’s, turning her in one of the favourite sports for the yellow press and the paparazzi, situation that increased when her love relationship with Dodi Al-Fayed was made public. He was an Egyptian millionaire that lost his life with her in the summer of 1997. The tragedy exalted the social phenomenon that was the fanaticism towards Lady Di, as she was publicly known.




Going through the structure that Giuseppe Verdi’s Messa da Requiem pro- poses, elements from the Necrodrama’s director’s life and artistic career were gathered: Verdi’s family was made present through his family and the characters of his previously staged shows (Giovanni Papini’s “The tempted devil”, Pablo Picasso’s “Le désir attrapé par la queue”, Antonin Artaud’s “Jet of blood”, “Infinito Nero” by Salvatore Sciarrino, amongst others). A performance that combined video, the sacral composition and abstract actions of those who intervened the theatre’s space (onstage, on the theatre boxes, and on the audience) was the result. It was a staging that presented the verse and inverse of the scene, reformulating a neoclassical concept based on the lack of orchestra and an absent visible argument.


Format: Performance.

Performers: Maia Orihuela, Valeria Turilli, Lucas Crespi, Magdalena Blanco, María Inés Aldaburu, Trinidad Padilla, Eloy González Donnantuoni, Pablo Lapadula, Andrea Medrano, Marinha Villalobos, Ser- gio Ferreiro, Marcelo González Elizalde, Alicia Donnantuoni, Laura Giosa Donnantuoni, Lucas González Donnantuoni, Mateo González Donnantuoni, Facundo Garcia Parolari, Néstor Ducó, Mariana Morelli, Carolina Stegmayer, Malena Tobal, Mariana Salinas, Victoria Páez and Nelly López Herrero.

Assistant: Nicolás Moledo.

Sound: Natalia Marcantoni.

Live Video: Dafne Narvaéz, Alejandro Gallo Bermudez and Gabriel Bobillo.

Prologue: Martin Bauer.

Direction and set up: Eloy González.

Dates: November 2nd, 2007. 

Place: Teatro Verdi, Av. Alte.Brown 736, La Boca - CABA, Argentina.


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