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Mirko Saric


Mirko is a short name of Miroslav, which means “famous for having secured his peace “. He was twenty-one years old and had a hyper-sensible personality. From a family of Croatian origin, footballer since childhood, he was one of Argentinean team San Lorenzo de Almagro’s icons. His booking was priced in ten million dollars. An injury on his knee had left him off the pitch for a year. He refused to attend a psychological treatment. A love deception and a car accident threw him into a deep depression that triggered tragedy when he decided to hang himself with the sheets of his bed, in his mother’s house. His death had a great impact inside the club and in the mass media. Many fans baptized their sons with the player’s name after what happened. They remember him with the phrase “Mirko in our hearts for ever”. He was 21 years old.




As if in a sportive conference, an actor, football fan, was in charge of presenting videos of Mirko’s childhood, expose biographical facts and stories, together with personal football t-shirts and club’s memorabilia. Two kids, homonymous of the footballer, practiced football during the performance.



Format: Conference.

Presenter: Nahuel Viale.

Kids: Mirko Ossan and Mirko García Toledo.

Testimony: Ivana Saric and Martín Saric.

Dates: November 23th, 2011. 20.30 hs.

Place: Casa de la Lectura, Lavalleja 924, Ciudad Autónoma de Bs As, Argentina.


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