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María Tatiana del Valle


Born in Paraguay, she lived in Argentina his last four years of life until she deci- ded to jump from an eleventh floor of the apartment of the family with whom she lived working as a housemaid in Recoleta neighborhood. She had a clandestine relationship with a married policeman. Her jealousy towards him tormented her, to the point of telling one of his workmates in the building that she was capable of killing him, his wife and then commit suicide. One morning with a blazing sun, the 2nd November 2010 - day of the dead- to be precise, she took her life by neatly cutting the protective net of the balcony over Callao Avenue and jumping when she found out that her lover’s wife was pregnant again. Her matron left her belongings on the building’s street door and after various weeks no one claimed her body. She was 26 years old.




With the intent of exposing faith’s mysteries, an ambient of mystic climate was composed re-enacting a spiritualist session. A recreated communication with the beyond permitted the audience to know the protagonist’s story. 



Format: Ritual.

Medium: Ailín Salas.

Pai de Santo: Andrei Mikhail. 

Mãe de Santo: Patricia Taborda. 

Bowls: Francisco Colja.

Testimony: Elena Amaya.

Dates: November 16th, 2011. 20.30 hs.

Place: Casa de la Lectura, Lavalleja 924, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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