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Fabián Polosecki 


The 3rd of December 1996 decided to end with his life, throwing himself under a train. He left behind him a prolific career as a journalist, which started in Radiolandia (a magazine), working under the orders of Catalina Dlugi, and reached its highest peak in becoming the maker of a cultural revolution never seen before in television. He created two shows that had as a goal something that seemed impossible: telling the stories of the outcasts and unknowns. With “The other side” and “The visitor”, “Polo” became the listener of voices never heard before.He was born the 31st July 1964.




A typewriter concert inspired in his figure was enacted. The sound system created and played live was completed with the simultaneous screening of a selection of testimonies emitted on the journalist’s programs between 1993 and 1995. Polosecki on the screen and a liturgical ceremony celebrating his legacy, constructed with his main weapon: the typewriter.


Format: Concert.

Musicians: Marcos Zoppi and Manuel Sahores.

Archive Material: Núcleo Audiovisual Centro Cultural Gral San Martin.

Video editing: Natalia Marcantoni.

Concept: Eloy González.

Dates: November, 2009.

Place: El Excéntrico de la 18, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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