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Matheus Rodrigues Carvalho


A child murdered on his doorstep, as he went to buy bread for breakfast. He was shot over his head by a bullet that stood between his teeth amidst a clash between policemen and drug dealers. Neighbors defended the body to avoid the police to take it before the experts showed up. The case remains unsolved.

Matheus is just one in a battery of similar cases. It's a constant for favela residents to be in middle of drug dealers and police disputes.


Format: Justice petition.

Testimony: Gracilene Rodrigues (Matheus’ mother).

Presenter: Bruno Barboza.

Singer: Paula Princi.

Texts: Germán Aranda, Pablo Lapadula and Patricia Taborda.

Direction: Eloy González

One-time presentation: Wednesday 4, December 2012, 21.00hs.

Place: Museu da Maré, Av. Guilherme Maxwell, 26 (Favela da Maré, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).



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