Diamantis takes place on an exotic island in the north east of Brazil where the adventures of six strangers collide. Two brothers backpacking with a tandem bike, a Greek Captain and his girlfriend, a madmen running away from the crisis in Europe and a young film director obsessed by the idea of death. All of them happen to find themselves in this forclosed place where you can live just by coconut water, mangos and seafood. A paradise where many people dream to arrive while many others try to escape from.



Yannis Thomopoulos, Nikolas Zacharopoulos, Ruzana Kotikyan, Maria Nushikyan, Luciano Correa, Gustavo Anselmi, Dalmo Souza, Janaina Machado, Lucia and George Santos, Geço Amoreco, Cosmo Rocha, Eloy Gonzalez, Josenildo Silva, Felipe Amaral and the special appearence of Patrick Dimon. 



Script and direction: Eloy Gonzalez. 

Camera and cinematography: Matías Fiandrino, Gustavo Anselmi and Eloy Gonzalez.

Art director: Isabelle Siegrist.

Sound: Santiago de Cruz.

Assistant director: Victoria Masi.

Excutive producer: Pablo Lapadula. 

Producers: NZ Overseas Ltd. - Necrodrama.