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Fúlmine (2018)


Director Diego Morel - Pablo Lapadula


Ibis, is an eighty year old woman who lives with her son ghost. Suddenly she receives, from nowhere, the visit of Eloy. Eloy is a young stranger who looks at the history of her life. Together they run the city, collect stories, see photos and movies filling both of a sudden happiness, but all that seemed to be clear begins to lose its shape. At the same time, the eldest daughter of Ibis, in eleven consecutive nights she attempts suicide and fails. She is haunted by demons, gods, and monsters. Based on the true story of Ibis, and his son Yoyi, who was assassinated in 1979 by the military government when he was twenty-two years of age.


GP | Magic Realism | Argentina

Lenguage: Spanish

Shooted at Mar del Plata, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos, Trenque Lauquen and Longchamps, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Full Lenght: 83 minutes





fulmine eloy e ibis.png

Project Status

Currently is still under the process of filmming that begans at 2012 and has being throught three different cities. 


Ibis Nancy, Eloy González, Julieta Caputo, Carla Quevedo and Ailín Salas. 


Pablo Lapadula - Andrea Medrano


Diego Morel - Pablo Lapadula

Camera and Cinematography

Mon Ross

Arte Direction and Costumes

Sofia Brito - Gabriel Grinshpan

Sound Recorder

Jav Hernández

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